These are wines of exceptional quality made in tiny quantities. They are worth seeking out!
-Christie Dufault, Vintrust Somelier

From the Cellar April 2009

Marilyn Remark Winery


April News Letter .....
From The Cellar

I have been busy these last two months. The 2007 Marsanne and Roussanne are in the bottle and the Viognier and rose' will be soon. The 2006 Syrah has been blended and is awaiting its turn on the bottling line. The new wines are really spectacular and they will have ample time in the bottle before release so they will be enjoyable from day one.

I have the ability with this e-mail program to set the date and time it is sent to you. I mention this only because Marilyn and I are taking our first vacation in six years and will be gone when you receive this. Rodney, my assistant winemaker, will get the wine to Fed Ex so everything should go pretty smoothly. If you have any problems they may have to wait until I get back on the 15th of April to be resolved. I hope you understand.


Marilyn's Remarks
I have told you before how amazed I am at the friends Joel and I have made since starting the winery. I have another chapter that I have to tell you about.

Joel has already told you we are leaving for vacation. However, we did not want to close the tasting room for three weekends. We have friends that are each going to work a weekend while we are gone. This is great but wait until you find out who.

Mike will be taking the first weekend. Mike is a great friend and we are very appreciative of him covering for us. However, he is also an investor so he has a vested interest. The second weekend will be covered by Reggie. Reggie is not only our friend, he is a winemaker at another Monterey County winery! The last weekend will be handled by Dave who is the marketing director for yet again another Monterey County Winery. Dave will be assisted by Greg who is the district sales manager for one of the largest wine importers in the country.

Most people would consider Reggie, Dave and Greg competitors of ours. After all we all want to sell wine. People in the industry do not see it that way - we are all in this together. Everyone is thrilled when one of our neighbor's wines wins a big award because it brings attention to the area. Lastly friendship transcends business. We did not ask them to work for us. Long before we planned the vacation they all said they would be there for us when we needed them, and encouraged us to finally take time off.

We could not do it without them, or you. Thank you all!


This months wine shipment is the 2005 Roads End Petite Sirah. This wine is anything but Petite. In fact after almost 20 years of making wine this is one of the biggest wines I have ever made.

It is of course a very dark purple color with aromas of toast, vanilla, blackberries and smoke. The mouth feel is rich and thick with long tanins that will help this wine age for many years. This definitely a steak wine. You should serve it in place of your favorite Cabernet Sauvignon.



Marilyn Remark Winery


Marilyn Remark
Joel Burnstein