These are wines of exceptional quality made in tiny quantities. They are worth seeking out!
-Christie Dufault, Vintrust Somelier

"Marilyn and I wanted to produce our own wines for some time, but we wanted to do something special...

... in May of 2001, we finally visited France's Rhone Valley. It was a magical time. The wines we sampled were amazing, like nothing we'd ever tasted. Oh, we had tried these classic varietals before but never with such vibrancy, such depth of character. These vintages were from small vintners who sell every bottle locally to friends and family. We knew then the type of wines we had to try to make.

We hope when you taste our wines you experience the same revelation we did. Please visit us soon..."

- Joel, Marilyn, Hogan, & Snead


Yes it's true, all good things must come to an end. Marilyn and I sold the winery property over 2 years ago working hard to reach this point in our lives when we could retire. We have reached our goal. We have sold our inventory but don't dismay. A Taste of Monterey in Monterey and Star market in Salinas both have inventory but not everything and quantities are limited, so contact them if you miss our wines.

Marilyn and I thank you for your support over the years, we have met some wonderfull friends and will miss you all.